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    Arizona Trade Exchange is a business-to-business organization that includes hundreds of in-demand companies doing business with each other without using cash.
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Increase sales

Expose your company to hundreds of other local businesses and gain business you likely would not have received otherwise.

Conserve cash

Use trade credits to buy things you would normally pay for in cash.

Gain a competitive edge

Arizona Trade Exchange members will use your services over your competitors’ because of the incentive to do business with trade dollars instead of cash.

Choose from a variety of services

Arizona Trade Exchange acts as a central trade bank within a barter network, which means you can trade with anyone instead of just trading one-to-one.

Acquire new cash business

A job well done through Arizona Trade Exchange means more word-of-mouth advertising and increased cash sales.

Increase productivity

Unused services don’t make money. Trade your excess inventory to those who want it and will return to do business again and again.

What Our Clients Are Saying

It has been my privilege to be associated with the Arizona Trade Exchange sicne 2006. I have found them to be a professional and customer-centric organization. My association with them has benefitted me personally and professionally.

Robert G. AllenOwner - Garbage Guy Inc.

It has been my experience that the members who are invited to join are thoroughly checked out and as a result, I have developed wonderful working relationships with many companies that have provided services to my family, employees, and guests as well as my business providing services to them.

Kevin ThompsonJohnny Rockets