We bring more business to your business

ATE members utilize our network of 500+ Valley businesses to save cash, increase sales, acquire new cash business, turn downtime into profit and increase buying power.

How Barter Works at Arizona Trade Exchange

Arizona Trade Exchange offers a network of over 500 Valley businesses, and instead of cash, our members pay for goods and services with trade dollars. Each member business has an account into which trade dollars are deposited. Once deposited, these trade dollars can be spent with any other Exchange member in the network. Arizona Trade Exchange acts as a third-party broker and trade bank by:

  • Organizing the trade network of businesses
  • Keeping detailed transaction records
  • Providing monthly statements
  • Obtaining new members to trade with
  • Monitoring current trade dollar balances
  • Providing a downloadable online member directory, updated on a daily basis
  • Maintaining a fair and even trading field for the group

Trade dollars can also be used to purchase retail merchandise or travel directly through Arizona Trade Exchange.